Before Kindergarten:

I wanted to be a cowboy riding along side of the Lone Ranger or Zorro. They were my heroes.  To have a horse was my dream like many little girls and it became much of the theme of my first works of art.  I loved animals.  Living in the country our family pets were cats and dogs which have since held wonderful memories.  I think, Red, our big red Irish Setter was my first best friend. 


Majored in art at the university.  Painted landscapes for a while, but I wasn't very confident about my life as an artist.  Went on to several different jobs, not directly related to art.  My love for animals continued, living with cats, dogs and a few horses.  


A few years back I began to paint again.  It's been difficult finding myself as an artist.  Recently I have been less serious about my art subjects.  I want to allow myself to laugh, loosen up a bit, and have a good time during the process.  


My love for animals continues.