Hi there!   A little history..........

I grew up in the country, the East Bay Area of California in the 50's and 60's.  As a young child my heroes were the masked riders, Zorro and the Lone Ranger.  How I loved horses and adventures!  I spent a good deal of my time running through fields or with our many treasured pets.  But the quiet times were spent doing art.

As a young adult I moved to Puerto Rico, where I majored in art at Universidad Inter-America in San German.  I was thrilled with the landscape of Puerto Rico and that became the subject of my acrylic paintings that I later went on to paint.

Later moving to Southern California, my career went in a different direction.  After obtaining a teaching degree, I taught Bi-lingual education for a few years, with the opportunity to teach an art class.  One more move: Eugene, Oregon, ultimately teaching Spanish as a second language.


​Our childhood years usually have an impact on our lives.  Today and after retirement, now living in Tennessee and Puerto Rico, I have returned to painting.  My subjects always revolve around nature and animals.

In my most current paintings I've allowed myself to laugh, loosen up, and delve a bit into abstract art, just having a good old time during the process.