Before Kindergarten:

Home was Northern California.  I wanted to be a cowboy riding along side of the Lone Ranger or Zorro.  They were my heroes.  To have a horse was my dream like many little girls and as a kid it became much of the theme of my first works of art.  Along with my love for animals, which included our dogs and cats, I also noticed and enjoyed the beauty found in nature.  Nature in the country was our playground.


Mid years:

Life went by in California, later in Puerto Rico, where I majored in art at the university.  I painted landscapes quite successfully for a while, but got stuck, couldn't quite find my way as an artist.  We moved to Southern California and finally to one of my favorite places, Oregon. Through those years, I found myself with different jobs, obtaining teaching degrees, and teaching in the public schools.  My love for nature and animals continued, living with cats, dogs, chickens and a few horses.  

Latter years:

After retirement I picked up my paintbrushes and began to paint.  It's been challenging, hair raising, yet exciting to rediscover myself as an artist.  I've taken time to grow, absorbing information from many art workshops given by some of the best contempory artists.  As time goes by I tend to be less serious about my art subjects and more relaxed. Which is a good thing!  In my most current paintings I've allowed myself to laugh, loosen up, delve into abstract art and just have a good old time during the process.


 ....and it is a never ending learning process!!!